Freediving World Record Attempt

AIDA NZ Invitional 2007

Wellington, New Zealand

 21 - 23 September 2007


AIDA NZ Invitional 2007, Wellington; 21 - 23 September 2007                                    AIDA NZ Invitional 2007, Wellington; 21 - 23 September 2007
After setting a new World Record less than 48 hours earlier, Dave Mullins extended his record distance with an amazing underwater swim of 244 metres. Mullins described the swim, which lasted 4:02 minutes, as “tough in the beginning, but it felt better and better as the swim progressed.”

Earlier this year Mullins set a new national freediving record and became the fifth man ever to reach 100m in a constant weight freedive in the ocean. It took him 3:43 minutes during which Mullins experienced severe nitrogen narcosis, a condition usually reserved for deep scuba divers.

Kerian Hibbs again excelled with a remarkable performance of 201 metres.

The level of competition was extremely high and shows the commitment and training which both organizers and athletes show to this sport which is still very much in it's youth.

The event was judged by A level (world class) international judges.

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Auckland Apnea Competition

 11th - 12th August 2007


Statics Dynamic No Fins Dynamic With Fins

Statics  (Saturday)


Dynamic no fins (Saturday)


Dynamic with fins (Sunday)


Auckland Apnea Competition - dynamic with fins: on a single breath, Dave Mullins swam an amazing 234 metres today (Sunday, 12th Aug) in 3 minutes 46 seconds; unofficially breaking the world record and setting a new national NZ record. Ant Williams had a hard act to follow after Dave but pulled off a confident and impressive swim of 213 metres. Kerian Hibbs showed great progress with a distance of 189 metres. All competitors were of world class! Click on thumbnails above for galleries of each category.

Ant Williams, Open Water Freediving

Ant Williams, Breathhold diving

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