In sharing my passion for the underwater environment through images, I attempt to provide a visual feel for life at the locations I visit. The 'Home' section will give you a heads up for what's been going on down below. A slideshow offers my favourite images, while the 'Galleries' page gives you locations and critter categories. Photo collections are updated periodically and images are optimized for online viewing.

Colin has been passionate about the ocean since childhood be it catching waves, freediving for crayfish or collecting fish as a 12 year old for his saltwater marine aquarium. He regrets not having a camera to capture life underwater on earlier travels and dive trips to the Red Sea, South Africa's northeast coastline, the Mexican Caribbean, California and the South China Sea.

As a dive instructor he followed his interest in the underwater world and in 2001 he purchased his first underwater housed camera. His efforts were rewarded by winning a gold medal with one of his first underwater images taken with the camera.

These days he spends more time underwater behind a lens capturing marine life in images; while it still exists. He has found the survival rate of life he captures through the lens to be higher than with his childhood attempts at preserving life in a fish tank.

Colin chaired SEAFANZ, an underwater photographic society of which he was a founding member. His aim is to promote an awareness of the underwater environment through his images. He hopes to instil in people a greater consciousness for the importance and fragility of our oceans by providing a moment's escape and respite from busy life. Underwater photographic travels outside of his home country of New Zealand have taken him to the Galapagos Islands, the Solomons, many South Pacific destinations, Mexico and the Malay Archipelago. In recent years Colin has embraced low level aerial technologies to complement his underwater imagery with top down perspectives.


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