12th August 2007

Auckland Apnea Competition - dynamics: on a single breath, Dave Mullins swam an amazing 234 metres today (Sunday, 12th Aug) in 3 minutes 46 seconds; unofficially breaking the world record and setting a new national NZ record. Ant Williams had a hard act to follow after Dave but pulled off a confident and impressive swim of 213 metres. Kerian Hibbs showed great progress with a distance of 189 metres.

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5th August 2007

Latest images from Vava'u, Tonga now posted. Click here...


15th July 2007

Latest images from the Solomon Islands now posted. Click here...


1st May 2007

New arrival: Australian Cattle Dog, 8 weeks old


20th April 2007

Latest images from Niue Island now posted. Click here...

Niue, April 2007


4th March 2007

I've been giving some thought to an issue nagging me of late: that my air travel is contributing to the demise of the very wildlife which I go to photograph. A recent article, 'Carbon Neutral 4 Corals' by Alex Mustard in Underwater Photography Web Magazine  suggests offsetting CO2 consumption of flights through the purchase of carbon offsets. I've begun to put my money where my mouth is and urge fellow travelers to do the same. See my links section for some organizations which provide carbon offset schemes and carbon calculators for consumers and businesses.

26th February 2007

Images of Fakfak / Raja Ampat are now posted. Click here...


23rd February 2007

Just returned from the Fakfak / Raja Ampat regions of  Irian Jaya province, West Papua. The bio-diversity and pristine conditions we encountered amazed me not to mention the 'new' species of marine life. Excellent conditions and great dives; both day and night! Watch the the new location coming soon on this site.

26th January 2007

Sadly we lost our 8 year old Australian Cattle dog, Jing  early this morning. He had contracted an aggressive form of canine cancer (insulinoma) and was no longer able to absorb glucose even intravenously. Quite distressing with increasingly severe and more frequent grand-mal seizures (5 during the night) so at 3:00am yesterday morning I took him to the vet. The onset was very rapid after our first vet visit on 14th Jan and a clear diagnosis only available over the last couple of days. As a working dog - always eager to please and filled with unbounded energy. A great and loyal companion; we will all miss him terribly.

15th December 2006

The all new design is now up and running. It's been an interesting learning curve for me and for a week or so I felt totally immersed in getting things right. Not quite as good as being in the water but interesting none the less. Your feedback on the look and feel is welcomed.

Apologies for inconsistencies and anomalies wherever they may appear - if you point them out I'll try and resolve them.

1st December 2006

Development has begun on a new look website



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