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Review and Rigs: technical articles on strobes and equipment used by the photographer.

SEAFANZ is based in New Zealand and is dedicated to sharing items of interest on underwater photography, diving and the marine environment.


Top Down -

Images of landscapes through to detailed points of interest and a top down point of view on seascapes.

News, Reviews, Forums and Features on Underwater Photography. A good forum with discussions on hot topics; perhaps most popular with DSLR camera users. A wealth of information to be gained here. Most useful listing of underwater housings for digital cameras. Check to see if a housing already exists for your model of camera.


UwP - Underwater Photography Magazine

UwP is published every two months and every great issue is packed with all the latest underwater photo equipment news, reviews, dive site reports, personality profiles and photo portfolios, plus tips for better pictures, making it the essential read for all underwater photographers, everywhere.



DPG  is a comprehensive underwater photography and videography resource and award-winning website for photographers and videographers of all levels. Features include underwater photography technique guides, travel and destination guides, photo galleries, equipment guides, daily news, product reviews, event calendars, competitions, and a community of over 50,000 underwater photographers and videographers from around the globe. Several times each year we also host DPG underwater photography expeditions.

Digital camera reviews, specifications comparison, forums and breaking news on Digital Photography!


Dive New Zealand

NZUA, New Zealand's dedicated dive publication


New Zealand Marine Weather and other resources

NZ recreational marine forecasts, Aus. BOM synoptic analyses, 72 hour forecasts, swell maps & more. If you're based in NZ then make this your home page and check it out before you dive!


Natural History

Sea Slug Forum

Nudibranchs, bubble-shells, sea hares and other sea slugs. This site aims to generate more interest in these fascinating animals by sharing information with a worldwide audience. On this site you can ask questions, post information and find out more about sea slugs.


Nudibranchs: marine slugs with verve: an informative explanation on Nudibranchs by Dr Hans Bertsch.

Niwa Inverebrate Collection: the NIC holds specimens from almost all invertebrate phyla. This is a result of about half a century of marine taxonomic and biodiversity research in the New Zealand region, the South West Pacific and the Ross Sea, Antarctica.

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