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NZ Marine Weather

NZ recreational marine forecasts, Aus. BOM synoptic analyses, 72 hour forecasts, swell maps & more. If you're based in NZ then make this your home page and check it out before you dive!


Nudibranchs: marine slugs with verve An informative explanation on Nudibranchs by Dr Hans Bertsch.


Sea Slug Forum

Nudibranchs, bubble-shells, sea hares and other sea slugs. This site aims to generate more interest in these fascinating animals by sharing information with a worldwide audience. On this site you can ask questions, post information and find out more about sea slugs.


Photographic & Technology Links



Low level aerial imaging

Low level aerial photography from small remote controlled multi-rotor aircraft allow us to make images of landscapes through to detailed points of interest and a top down point of view on seascapes. The technology offers advantages of safety, low-noise and portability.

News, Reviews, Forums and Features on Underwater Photography. A good forum with discussions on hot topics; perhaps most popular with DSLR camera users. A wealth of information to be gained here. 

Most useful listing of underwater housings for digital cameras. Check to see if a housing already exists for your model of camera.


Underwater Photography Magazine

A FREE web-based dive magazine.

Underwater photography and video portal.



Dive New Zealand The Pacific's Most Informative Dive Magazine. Digital Photography Tutorials by Sean McHugh.


Dave Read's website

Some concepts simply don't age. Great hints on composition and more! "...Composition is easily the most paradoxical skill in photography in general, and underwater photography in specific. It's tough to teach, tough to learn, and yet some people just understand it effortlessly..."

Digital camera reviews, specifications comparison, forums and breaking news on Digital Photography!


Reviews and Rigs

Underwater housing reviews on Sealux CD70, Sealux CD200 and Sealux CD300; technical articles on strobes and equipment used by the photographer.

SEAFANZ, New Zealand's Digital Underwater Photographic Society

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