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CD300 Review

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Strobilicious: making a meal of underwater lighting

Sealux CD300 housing

for Nikon D300 DSLR

April 2008

Sealux CD200 housing

for Nikon D200 DSLR

April 2006

Sealux CD70 housing

for Nikon D70 DSLR

Sept 2004


Tests and rigs



Stix buoyancy arms with

modified 'torpedo' ends

July 2007



Nikon SB800

dual speedlights

in iTTL mode

with fibre optic link

February 2007


D70 Review

Sealux wiring on Nikonos style

strobe bulkhead and

Inon Optical Converter;

5 pins active

September 2004




DS50 sub strobe

September 2003



Olympus C5050Z, PT015


Olympus C5050Z,

PT015, Inon D180,

Inon UWL-100

Wide Angle

September 2003



Oly C5050Z, PT015

Olympus C5050Z

PT015, Inon D180,

Inon UCL-300

Close Up

September 2003



Olympus C4040Z, PT010

Olympus C4040Z

PT010, Ikelite DS-50,

Inon UWL-100

Earlier point & shoot

July 2002




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